Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I apply?

Applications opened on February 1, 2017. You will apply using the same online application system that all UVA students use when they apply to study abroad. The application deadline is March 1, 2017. Offers of acceptance were issued on March 10, and applicants have been asked to accept or decline the offer by March 20, 2017.

Do I have to formally accept my offer and pay my deposit before the March 1 program application deadline or can I apply without accepting?

You can apply without accepting yourr offer of admission to UVA. If you are admitted to the program, you can accept the offer though final, official admission into the program will not be possible until you accept your offer of admission to UVA. Only students who accept their offer of admission to UVA will be able to participate in the program.

If I am admitted to the program and accept the offer of admission, do I still go to Summer Orientation in Charlottesville?

No. You will have a special UVA orientation on site in London just before the UVA London First program begins in September, 2017.

How many courses will I take in the fall?

You will take five courses and earn 16 UVA credits.

When will I select my courses?

Everyone takes Professor Leveson's course (4 credits) and the writing course (3 credits). You will select your remaining three Regent’s University London courses in August, 2017 from a list of Regent's University courses approved for UVA credit.

How will my courses and credits be recorded?

Your courses, credits, and grades will be recorded on your permanent record at UVA. The UVA London First program courses are all direct credit UVA courses. Grades will count toward your GPA.

Who will be my academic advisor?

Until you declare a major, Associate Dean Sandra Seidel will be your academic advisor. After you declare a major at the end of your second year, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from the major.

How will I enroll in spring semester courses?

You will enroll in spring 2018 courses just as you would if you were in Charlottesville. You will confer with Associate Dean Sandy Seidel before completing online enrollment.

How will I make friends and enter the UVA community in what will be my first semester in Charlottesville?

You will arrive in Charlottesville with an outstanding network of peers – the inaugural UVA London First cohort. Living in the International Residential College (the IRC) when you return in the spring will allow you to build on your global interests and experiences, quickly develop new relationships, and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by UVA in Charlottesville.

Where will I live in the spring semester at UVA?

You will live in one of UVA’s three residential colleges, the International Residential College, IRC.

What is the International Residential College (IRC)?

The International Residential College (IRC) is a vibrant, enriching, residential and academic community for undergraduate students, both domestic (60%) and foreign (40%). It is the largest residential college at U.Va. with over 300 students who interact with world-class Faculty Fellows and US Ambassadors, take trips to explore the Charlottesville area,  and host a wide variety of cultural and social events.

How will I expand on my experiences in the UVA London First program?

Almost every academic discipline is now globalizing its research and teaching. Students from the program will be prepared, both through their experience and their learning in London, to join these new conversations.   At the university and beyond, global understanding has become as essential as it is exciting.