UVA London First

A Life-Changing Experience

Debuting in the fall of 2017, this new study-abroad program offers a select group of incoming University of Virginia students the opportunity to launch their undergraduate careers in one of the world's most celebrated international cities. Dubbed UVA London First: Global Cultures in a World City, the pilot program will be based at Regent’s University London in the heart of Royal Regent’s Park and Marylebone within central London. UVA London First offers incoming first years admitted to the University of Virginia's College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences an intensive experience of global citizenship, small-classroom learning, and inter-disciplinary education. Well-qualified and ambitious students will enjoy a challenging and carefully crafted plan of first-year study along with the transformative experience of living abroad.

NOTE: The application has closed and the program is now full.

Questions? Contact Us!
   Dudley Doane, International Studies Office (434-982-3013; djd4j@virginia.edu)
   Michael Levenson, Program Director/Professor, Department of English (mhc@virginia.edu)
   Rachel Most, Dean's Office, College of Arts & Sciences (rm5f@virginia.edu)

Key Documents for Students
Be sure to read through the To Do List carefully! Have you done everything? UPDATED July 20, 2017
Pre-Departure Orientation: Notes from the May 2017 Session
London First Students complete their general education courses through the New Curriculum; click here for more information.

Welcome Addresses from UVA President Sullivan and A&S Dean Ian Baucom
From President Teresa Sullivan - click here
From Dean Ian Baucom - click here

London Is Your Campus

UVA London First combines classroom instruction with an exploration of London’s history, cultures, politics and architecture, as its students move constantly between the classroom and the city. The program aims to take full advantage of central London's highly cosmopolitan community, as well as the extensive course offerings of Regent's University London. At every stage, academic education and personal experience are linked.

"The students selected for the program will not only live and study in one of the world's great cities; they will immediately begin a process of global learning relevant to whatever academic path they may ultimately follow," says Michael Levenson, UVA's William B. Christian Professor of English and director of the inaugural session of UVA London First.

The Start of Your Global Education

As students get a jump start in London on the general-education requirements of UVA's College of Arts & Sciences, they will contribute to the creation of a valuable new community of young global scholars. Importantly, the program also will introduce components of UVA's new Arts & Sciences curriculum, including courses in two of the College's four core engagement topics: Engaging Difference and Aesthetic Engagement. UVA London First students also will fulfill three hours of UVA's writing requirement (Rhetoric for the 21st Century) while abroad, and a broad range of courses taught by Regent’s University London faculty are available for additional electives.

UVA London First is a strong sign of our commitment to preparing students for global awareness and engagement in the 21st century.

Why consider UVA London First?

The benefits of international education are significant, diverse, and lifelong. After graduation, students who studied abroad commonly state that their time away was the most important in their UVA careers. These students return to Grounds with a broadened perspective and a deeper understanding of the key issues and questions in their fields of study. They also demonstrate a greater understanding of cultural differences, are more adaptable, and display greater coping skills and self-knowledge than their peers who did not study abroad.

For most students, studying abroad is a life-changing experience that opens their eyes to different ways of life and promotes greater understanding and tolerance. Studying abroad also is one of the best ways for students to acquire the global skills necessary to succeed and lead in their professional lives, opening up unexpected personal and professional opportunities.

Program Dates

  • Arrival and Check-In at Reid Hall, Regent’s University: September 14, 2017
  • UVA Orientation (London): September 15 and 16, 2017
  • Regent's University London Induction: September 18-22, 2017
  • Classes at Regent’s University London: September 25 - December 20, 2017 (tentative end date)


UVA London First students will enroll in three Regent's University London courses; click here for a list of classes. They will choose their three courses from a list of pre-selected courses in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences approved of direct credit at UVA.

All courses and grades will be recorded on each student's UVA transcript.


Students in the program will take courses within the College's new curriculum, which includes a piloting of courses falling under the headers of "Engagements," "Literacies" and "Disciplines."

Students will enroll in one 4-credit engagement class, Global Cultures in a World City. This class will cover "Engaging Difference" and "Aesthetic Engagement" (is will be taught by Prof. Michael Levenson, Department of English, UVA)

"Rhetoric for the 21st Century": Students will also complete this requirement at Regent's University London; it will be taught by a UVA instructor.

Regent's University London courses will be "tagged" for any disciplinary or literacy requirements they fulfill.


  Tuition* Program Fee* Room & Board* Other (Estimate)**
VA Resident $6,674 $2,290 $5,631 $2,900
Non-VA Resident   $21,597 $2,290 $5,631 $2,900

*  Charged to a program participant's SIS account and paid through SIS. Undergraduate tuition rates for 2017-2018 were set by the UVA Board of Visitors on April 20, 2017.

** Roundtrip air fare, books & supplies, personal expenses, additional meals.

Financial Aid
Students who qualify for need-based financial aid may apply their aid toward the cost of the program and may be eligible to receive additional grant (non-load) aid. Our objective is for any interested and qualified student to be able to participate in the program, regardless of family income.

Housing and Dining

UVA London First students will reside in Reid Hall on the Regent’s campus, located in one of the world’s most well-known and loved urban parks. Accommodations are spacious double rooms. Each student from UVA will room with a Regent’s University London student. The dining hall is a short walk from the residence hall.

Students enjoy a full meal plan at Regent’s University London, which offers access to all of the university's dining facilities.

Student Life & Services

Regent’s University London offers a full range of student services. Participants in the program will have full use of the university's extensive facilities, including tennis courts, an exercise room, a basketball court, soccer pitch, library, art gallery, computer services, and dining hall. UVA London First students will enjoy regularly planned excursions in London and a weekend trip outside of London as part of the program. In addition to the excursions that are part of the formal program, students may take advantage of generous independent exploration time to arrange weekend visits to such sites as Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, and Rome.

Through their classes, they will interact with various communities in the city and visit museums (almost all of which are free) and other London landmarks while engaging with the city as an experiential learning lab.

Extracurricular life:

  • Regent’s University London student organizations
  • Special events at Regent’s University London
  • Events in London
  • Health, Safety, and Security

Health, Safety and Security

All UVA London First students will have health and emergency assistance insurance as part of the program. Students have access to student health services at Regent’s University London and other health care services if needed. Access to the Regent’s University London campus is controlled, as is access to all campus buildings. Student IDs are required. London has a lower crime rate than most US cities, and violent crime is unusual. Regent’s University London is located in one of the city’s safest neighborhoods.

UVA students remain subject to the University of Virginia Standards of Conduct while overseas.

The University of Virginia monitors health, safety, and security conditions where our students travel for University-related purposes, as do Regent's University London and other overseas university partners. If risks are identified, students are advised on how to respond and directed to support services.  

UVA has an emergency and communication plan that includes the services of an evacuation assistance provider and security intelligence services which furnish us with regular and emergency updates. We are also members of the Overseas Security Advisory Council, a division of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security in the U.S. Department of State.

Spring 2018 Semester in Charlottesville

All London First students will be housed in the International Residential College for the spring 2018 term. They will attend a one-day Orientation before spring 2018 classes begin (classes start on Wednesday, January 17). There will be follow-up events with the cohort during the spring semester.