The Forums

What is a Forum?

The Forums are a new and innovative opportunity for Arts & Sciences undergraduates to fulfill the College Area Requirements in their first two years at UVA. Beginning with the incoming class of 2020, 200 students will be selected to participate in one of five Forums – tailored groups of courses organized around a central theme/topic/problem.

The Forums were designed and are led by some of the University’s most committed scholar-teachers, each with years of expertise researching their Forum topic. The Forum faculty, depending on which one of the five Forums you choose, will provide opportunities for their students to:

  1. research the profound scientific and social impacts of epidemic outbreaks;

  2. explore creativity and artistic practice through ensemble collaboration;

  3. trace the impact and effects of humanity on the environment;

  4. discover the links between social and economic systems that have profound effects on the ways we live; or

  5. tackle the philosophical and practical considerations of determining what is “good” in our contemporary world

Forum Structure

Each Forum will consist of 40 students and will begin in the fall of the first year with an introductory seminar on the Forum topic. In the fourth semester (Spring of the second year) the students will take a capstone class together in which they will work in teams on case studies and research pertaining to the Forum topic. And over the course of the first two years, Forum students will take various courses (24-27 credits) hand-picked by the Forum faculty that illuminate various aspects of the Forum theme/topic/problem. The Forum faculty will also serve as academic advisors to their students until a major is declared.

Apply for a Forum

Applications to participate in the Forums are now closed