Policies & Forms

Below you will find information and links to policies, forms and suggestions (in alphabetical order), all part of the accumulated insights and experiences by the deans and advisors who spend their time working with University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences undergraduate students.

Make frequent and liberal use of it all but never lose sight of the simple observation that your success lies not in what your classmates are doing, nor in their backgrounds, but rather in the degree to which you are prepared to think clearly about your education and your readiness to act in your own best interests.

Requests for Exception to the Rules

With nearly 10,700 students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, we must, of necessity, have this rather detailed and formal set of academic regulations. But situations inevitably arise in which we will consider exceptions to certain rules.

If you need to request an exception to a rule due to mitigating circumstances, you should consult your Association Dean as soon as possible. He or she will advise you how to petition formally for an exception.

Adverse decisions by the College of Arts & Sciences deans may be appealed to the Committee on Faculty Rules – an independent committee of faculty members who are not Association Deans. Bear in mind that you always have the right to petition about academic matters throughout your career here. More information may be found on the Appeals & Grievances page.

Archived policies and procedures can be found at the Archive of UVA Records.

Policy Academic Level

Form Interdisciplinary Major Application

Policy Academic Standing

Policy Intermediate Honors

Policy Address Change Form

Policy International College-level Exam Credit

Policy Admission

Form Intra-University Transfer Application

Policy Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Credit

Form Late Schedule Correction Request

Policy Advising

Policy Leave of Absence

Policy Appeals, Grievances

Policy Majors & Minors

Policy Area Requirements

Policy Non-Resident Status

Policy Awards & Honors

Policy Offical Transcript Request

Form Certification of Enrollment and Degree

Form Part-Time Status Request

Policy Clearing Enrollment Holds

Policy Phi Beta Kappa

Policy College and Dean’s Scholarships

Form Readmission

Policy Competency Requirements

Form Reduced Course Load Request

Form Course Action Form

Policy Repeated Courses

Policy Course Load Requirements and Restrictions

Policy Request for Student Enrollment & Degree Certification

Policy Course Numbering System

Policy Satisfactory Progress Toward a Degree

Policy Course Selection

Policy Schedule Changes (Add, Drop, Withdraw)

Form Credit Hour Overload Request

Form Second Writing Requirement

Policy Cross-listed Courses

Form Student Information Form

Policy Dean's List

Policy Student Rights and Responsibilities

Policy Declaring a Major

Policy Study Abroad

Policy Declaring a Minor

Policy Teacher Education

Policy Degree Requirements

Form The 6000 Form: Enrollment in Graduate-Level Courses

Form Delete a Major or Minor

Policy Thesis Opportunities

Policy Disability Accommodation

Form Time Conflict Override Form

Form Discontinue Forum

Form Transcript Request: Prior Institution

Policy Early Degree Completion

Form Transcript Request: U.Va.

Policy Echols Scholars Program

Policy Transfer Credit Policy

Form Extension of Time ("Incomplete")

Policy Transfer from the BIS Program to the College

Form Faculty Advisor Change Request

Policy Transfer of Credit Evaluator

Form Final Exam Postponement

Form Transfer of Credit, Domestic

Policy Final Exams

Policy Transfer Student Guide: For New Transfer Students

Policy Financial Assistance-SFS

Policy Transfer to Other U.Va. Schools

Policy Full-Time, Part-time Status

Policy Transfer to the College (from non-U.Va. Schools)

Policy Grade Changes

Policy Types of Degrees

Policy Grade Options

Policy Types of Majors

Policy Grade System

Policy Use of e-mail for Official College Messages

Policy Graduation, Diplomas

Policy Withdrawal

Policy Incomplete Grades/Extension of Time