Sandra Seidel

Assistant Dean and Associate Professor

Department of Biology

269 B Monroe Hall


B.S., William and Mary
M.E., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Wise students visit an academic dean to obtain accurate information and to seek advice. Visits may include a discussion about course selection, choices of majors and minors, study abroad, internship and undergraduate research opportunities, graduate and professional school interests. I encourage students to visit my office to seek information and advice regarding anything on their minds that they wish to give voice to. I am also interested in the extracurricular activities and avocations of students as well. I also serve as the Director of Studies to the International Residential College (IRC) and have an office in Mary Munford where students may meet with me. My favorite time of year is when I get to greet incoming first years during Summer Orientation.

In the fall semester I teach BIOL 1210: Human Biology and Disease, a course designed for non-science majors which discusses practical applications related to human anatomy, physiology and disease. The College Advising Seminar, COLA: What Makes Us Tick, discusses cardiovascular physiology and topics related to academic advising.

I enjoy walking, petting my two cats Duke and Kitty, and listening and dancing to live music in many Charlottesville venues. Mindfulness practices are incorporated into my teaching and advising as I continue grow in my own yoga and meditation practices. My office abounds with plants and books and positive energy; please do not hesitate to visit so that we may get to know one another during your years at UVa.