Ruslan Elistratov

Interim Assistant Dean


  • B.A., California State University Fullerton
  • Ph.D., Religion, Claremont Graduate University

As an advisor, I strive to meet each student as an individual with a unique background and gifts and to provide practical, individually tailored counsel for academic success. I see it as my responsibility to help students realize that mastery of their academic life depends in a large part on how well they balance their overall lives and schedules and how much they take advantage of the various resources available at the university. I am always pleased to witness students’ growing satisfaction with their college experience as they become wiser about their choices and more connected to the larger University through resources, events, and associations fitting their particular interests and needs.  

I developed this philosophy through my two years of serving as a Faculty Mentor to 1st-year Honors students at the University of Georgia as well as through my numerous one-on-one interactions with students around academic matters over my 14 years of being a college professor. I am also grateful for my own advisers who guided me on my academic path and inspired me to dedicate my life to higher education. I came to the United States as an international college student from the former Soviet Union (specifically the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan) in the early 1990s, and their counsel was invaluable in my adaptation to an American university and achievement of my educational goals.

My scholarly interests cover a wide array of topics related to religions, popular culture, philosophy, natural sciences, and psychology. I have taught courses ranging from “Witches, Ghosts, and Demons” to “The Art of Being Human.” In my personal life, I love spending time with my family, practicing Chinese martial arts (XingYi and tiger-crane styles), and honing my DJ mixing skills.