Our Students

Walter Floyd

Class of 2017

Micah Brickhill

Class of 2017

Kimea Nikseresht

Class of 2017

Parisa Sadeghi

Class of 2016

Arthur Wu

Class of 2016

Ursula Gbe

Class of 2016

Ellie Leach

Class of 2016

Sandy Williams

Class of 2016

Graduating Student Says He Owes it All to University Singers

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Kima Nikseresht Finds Home Wherever Her Heart Is

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Sadeghi's Success Not A Subject For Debate

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Wu's Accomplishments Are Launching Pad to Success

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U.S. Racial Politics Motivated Trans-Atlantic Student

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Leech Sees Service and Scholarship as One and the Same

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Graduating Cancer Survivor Embraces a Career as an Artist

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