New Transfer Student Guide: Getting Started

The guide for enrolled transfer students contains advice on requirements and deadlines which are critical to completing your degree on time.



As a new transfer student, you will likely ask:

  • When will my transfer credit be evaluated and how will I be able to see the results?
  • How and when will I select my courses?
  • How do I get academic advice?

The following pages will answer these questions and others for you. Please be sure to read everything thoroughly. Write down any questions you have and bring them with you to Orientation.

We expect you to check your U.Va. e-mail and the College's homepage regularly for information ranging from new classes, new polices and procedures to your academic status in the College. Be sure to bookmark the homepage and check it several times a week. Be sure also to activate your U.Va. student computing account now, and check your UVa e-mail often. If you use another mail system, be sure to have your UVa mail forwarded to that account. Finally, consider joining us on Facebook at "UVa College of Arts and Sciences Transfer Student News and Info."

After the Office of Admission has received your deposit, we will enter and then post your transfer credits at your Student Center on the Student Information System (SIS). We will inform you of your "academic year" status and your expected date of graduation as well. And if you are a second-year student, we will post the name of your faculty advisor on your SIS Student Center.

Please read the following pages carefully for more detailed information about transfer credit evaluation, course selection, advising, and policies important to transfer students. We look forward to seeing you at Orientation.

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