Transfer Student Newsletter: April 2017

Message from Dean Papovich

In this final newsletter for the spring semester, we remind you of several end of the semester concerns important to College students.

Fall 2017 Course Selection

As we informed you in the March Newsletter, you should already have met with your faculty advisor. Those students who have met with their faculty advisor gain access to SIS during the priority course selection period. All others have access to SIS thereafter.

You'll find helpful information for planning for the fall semester at the College's web site Course Selection. Here you'll find detailed instructions about the actual process of selecting courses for the fall.

Finishing the Semester

Final Examinations: Instructors are not authorized to change the announced times of examinations. Congestion of a schedule is not a basis for a student's request to change the examination date unless at least three examinations come in two consecutive days. Early exams are not permitted. Requests for a change in your spring examination schedule should be made by Wednesday, April 27. Forms for doing so are in 101 Monroe Hall.

Incompletes: If you have not finished a course, you may receive the grade of IN (incomplete). This automatically becomes an F five days after the end of the examination period unless arrangements have been agreed to in writing among you, your course instructor, and your Association Dean. Extension of Time forms for this are available in Monroe Hall. All incomplete grades must be completed no later than Friday, June 10. Your instructor may set an earlier deadline or even deny an extension.

Academic Honors and Discipline: You are placed on the Dean's List of Distinguished Students when you have earned a 3.50 semester average or better on an approved course-load of at least 15 graded credits and when no courses have been failed. NC is considered a failing grade and will make you ineligible for the Dean's List.

After the end of each semester, we check your overall record to find out if you are making "satisfactory progress" toward the degree. We do this to make sure that no student is allowed to drift along doing inferior work without an official warning. Students admitted to the University should not be doing D or F work overall, but if a student's grades are that low, we need to know about the situation in order to provide the appropriate counseling or discipline.

Full-time students are considered to be in Good Standing at the end of a semester if, in that semester, they have completed at least 12 credits of graded work with at least a 1.80 semester average and have no more than one grade below C-. If you fail to achieve Good Standing, you will be placed on Academic Probation with a notation of the cause on your transcript. Students on Probation will be required to meet with Mr. Papovich before the fall semester.

If you are on Academic Probation for two consecutive semesters, you are subject to a year-long suspension. Furthermore, if you earn fewer than nine grade-points in a regular semester you are immediately subject to suspension. Students suspended after the spring term are not eligible to return until the summer session of the next year.

In order to enroll for a fifth semester, students are required to have earned at least 54 credit-hours; to enroll for a seventh semester, at least 84 credit-hours. Failure to earn sufficient credits will result in our blocking your enrollment. We require students who fall behind in the number of credit-hours to make up their work in the summer session or through part-time enrollment. If you expect to be below the minimum number for your academic level, please make an appointment to meet with Mr. Papovich soon.

To remain in Good Standing, students who have completed four semesters of work (at U.Va. or elsewhere) must be in a major or have obtained written permission from Mr. Papovich no later than the end of September to defer the declaration of major until the end of the fifth semester. No student will be permitted to enroll for a sixth semester without a major.

As you know, transferring to the College is an exciting challenge, but it can also be bewildering, especially during the first semester. There are many people at the University to help you; you, however, must seek out help when you have questions or problems. If you don't know where to turn, make an appointment with your faculty advisor, or with Mr. Papovich by calling 924-3350 or speaking with staff in Monroe Hall 101 or 103.

We wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the semester.

Looking Ahead

The University provides a range of other services in which new transfer students are often interested.

  • You should consider studying abroad. Contact the International Studies Office on the 2nd floor of Minor Hall. Nearly all transfer students find that with careflu planning they can fit in a study abroad term.
  • The Center for Undergraduate Excellence: The Center staff advises students regarding national scholarship and fellowship competitions, undergraduate research opportunities, postgraduate programs, and the creation of interdisciplinary majors. The Center is located at the Harrison Library.
  • If you have not visited the University Career Center, 924-8900 (in the Carl Smith Center, Bryant Hall), you should do so soon. After familiarizing yourself with the resources there, you should make an appointment to talk with one of the special advisors in UCS who work closely with College students. Choosing and Using Your Major: Feeling stressed about choosing a major or how your major relates to career options? Do you wish you could highlight particular classes on your resume but do not know how? Schedule an appointment with a UCS counselor by calling 924-8900. UCS is open all summer and welcomes student appointments—just call 434-924-8900 to schedule an in-person or telephone appointment.
  • If you are feeling stressed or depressed, call the Smith Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at 243-5150. They have a number of support groups as well as individual counseling and are located in the Elson Student Health Building. Their services are confidential and free.

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See Dean Papovich

Please feel free to call 924-3350 to arrange for a convenient time to discuss any questions you have with Mr. Papovich. Alternatively, you may contact him by e-mail at . Mr. Papovich's office is located in 201B Monroe Hall.

Best of luck for the remainder of the semester.

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