Grade Options (Credit / No Credit, Audit)

Change a Grade Option

You need the permission of the instructor in order to change a grade option for a course in which you have enrolled. The deadline is the same as the deadline to add a course. If you have the instructor's permission and you are within the add deadline you may use the SIS (Student Information System, formerly ISIS) to change a grade option.

Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Grade Option

You may not use this option for any course in your major, minor or for any competency or area requirements.

With the instructor's permission, you have the option of receiving the grades CR (credit) or NC (no credit) in place of A-F grades. This option is selected when you enroll in a class and before the add deadline of the semester is which the class is taken. Do not use this option for any course which will count toward the College's requirements, your major(s) or minor, for admission to a professional school or for another institution you may wish to attend later.

Not all instructors in the College permit this grading option, and the McIntire School of Commerce disallows the option entirely. Instructors have the right to deny students permission to take courses on a CR/NC basis; thus you should seek permission before selecting this option.

It is the your responsibility to confirm with the instructor the minimum academic level of achievement for the grade of CR.

  • No more than two courses may be taken on a CR/NC basis in any semester or in summer session, exclusive of physical education courses.
  • maximum of 24 credits of CR/NC courses may be used toward a degree.
  • Second-year transfer students are permitted to submit up to 18 credits of CR/NC work toward a degree; for third-year transfer students, a maximum 12 credits of CR/NC work are allowed.
  • Students may not use a CR/NC course to repeat a course in which a grade has already been given. If this should occur, the credits in the CR/NC course would not count toward graduation.

You may take no more than two courses (exclusive of physical education courses) per semester on a Credit/No Credit or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. In total, you may take no more than 24 of the 120 credits required for graduation, including KINE/PHYE.

Audit (AU) Grade Option

You may audit courses with the permission of the instructor. Courses successfully taken on an audit basis have the symbol AU (audit) recorded in the grade column of the academic record.

As no credits or grade points are earned in audited courses, these courses are not applicable toward a degree. Instructors have the option of deciding whether students may or may not take their courses on an audit basis.

A grade of W is recorded for any student who discontinues the audit after the drop deadline or who fails to meet the instructor’s standards.