Forum FAQs

I have been accepted to a Forum; what should I do?

All students who were selected to participate in a Forum must accept the offer within 72 hours of notification. To do so, please click the link in your acceptance email and follow the instructions on the webform. If you decline your offer or do not respond within 72 hours, you will be automatically dropped and a student from the waitlist will be added.

I have been placed on a wait list; what does this mean and how do I know my place on the wait list?

Should anyone change their mind and drop from the forum for which you are wait listed, you will be notified via email and have three days to accept the space. At this time we are unable to provide specific information on student's wait list position.

How were students selected for each forum?

Students were selected through a stratified random sample to ensure a diverse group of students across multiple categories.

Will my AP or other Transfer Credit Count?

Students who transfer pre-matriculated credit (credit that is earned prior to attending UVA in Fall 2016) can use the credit to fulfill Forum requirements where applicable. For example, students who score a 5 on the Statistics AP exam will earn 3 credits for STAT 2120. However, STAT 2120 is a course that fulfills credit in only 3 of the 5 Forums: Epidemics, Human Impact on the Environment, and Mobility and Community. STAT 2120 does not fulfill a requirement for the Creative Processes and Practices or Visions of the Good Forums. 

All 000T credit (transfer credit that does not align with a specific course in the College Catalogue) will not fulfill Forum requirements unless explicitly stated on the Forum requirements or at the permission of the Forum instructors. 

All students will still be able to apply transfer credit earned towards the 120 credits needed for graduation. For more information on the College of Arts & Sciences Transfer Credit Policy, click here:

Will enrolling in a Forum allow me to explore various academic subjects prior to choosing a Major?

Students who enroll in a Forum will take courses in multiple subjects - but it doesn't have to stop there! Your Forums only require 30 of the 60+ credits in your first two years as an undergraduate. Thus, you have plenty of room to take courses in departments, subjects, or fields that interest you (above and beyond the courses offered in the Forums).

I am enrolled in a Forum but no longer wish to participate. What should I do?

Students enrolled in a Forum who no longer wish to particpate should complete the Request to Discontinue Forum form. Students must meet with their Association Dean to have this request approved. Having left the Forum, a student's academic requirements change from the Forum & competency requirements to the College area & competency requirements.