Echols Scholars Program Alumni Class of 2001

Grace Ahn: Music

I will be doing one year of biomedical research in the field of HIV/AIDS at the National Cancer
Institute of the National Institutes of Health before starting medical school.

Mary Ashburn: Political & Social Thought
I will be working in the curator's office of the US Supreme Court for the summer, and then am hoping to start my graduate work in Paris at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques.

Bradley Barnett: Echols Interdisciplinary
I will be working in Dr. White's lab next year, Department of Cell Biology, UVa Medical School.

Mazan Basrawi: Environmental Sciences and Social and Political Thought
Law School

Jennifer Baxte: Echols Interdisciplinary
Next year, I am working as a data analyst at Capital One in Richmond. I also plan to fill out medical school applications, and hopefully enter medical school in one to two years.

Corey Benjamin: Economics and Government
I will be working as an investment banking analyst for Bear Stearns in New York City next year.

Jennifer Blomberg: Commerce School and Ecomonics
I'll be working as an investment banking analyst for Lehman Brothers in Manhattan.

Will Brabham: Physics
Next year I will be attending the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. I don\'t have a phone number or address yet, but my email will be

Jill Carlivati: Psychology and Biology
I will be attending the University of Minnesota's joint developmental psychopathology and clinical science program, working towards a Ph.D. in child psychology.

Jon Chananie: Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I'm going to a be a police officer for the Arlington County Police Department. Arlington is in NoVa, right outside DC.

Timothy Cohen: English
I have a job in Investment Banking.

Sarah Cox: Latin American Studies
I will be serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer next year in Paraguay.

Rebecca Crawford: Economics and French
I will be working for Capital One in Richmond as a Project Manager.

Maria Derrer: Economics
I will be attending Stanford Law School.

Michelle Devereux: Economics and Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I will be working as an Associate Consultant for Bain and Company in Boston, MA.

Sarah Dinan: Foreign Affairs and French
Next year I'll be getting my MA in International Relations at the University of Chicago in their Committee on International Relations program.

Katherine Brady Dirks: Government and Foreign Affairs
To read for a Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in International Relations at the University of Oxford.

Conley Edward: Physics and Environmental Science
After graduation, I'll be working for the US Forest Service out in southwestern Colorado as a wilderness ranger and wildland firefighter.

Amanda Eisel: Commerce School
I will be working at McKinsey & Co. in Chicago.

Marco Ellis: Biochemistry
I plan to enroll in a five year MD/MBA degree program at Harvard Medical School. My goal is to practice traditional medicine and consult in the biotechnology field.

Robert Emmett: French and Modern Studies
At the moment I'm planning to accept admission to the UWisconsin-Madison English department Ph.D. program.

Seth Evans: Echols Interdisciplinary
I will be attending medical school at Emory University.

Oneya Fennell: Economics and Government
I will be a financial analyst for Procter & Gamble at the Folger's Coffee silo in New Orleans, LA.

Kara Garbe: English and Anthropology
I'm going into the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso (West Africa) to teach English and help with HIV/AIDS prevention/education.

Brennan Gilmore: Foreign Affairs
I passed my foreign service exams, and am awaiting security clearance, so most likely next year I'll be a foreign service officer. In the meantime I'm paying the bills as a professional bluegrass musician.

Michael Goldston: Foreign Affairs
I will be commissioned in the Navy as an Ensign and going to Flight School in Pensecola.

Hannah Graham: Modern Studies
Next year I will be one of five fellows at the Hillel International Center in DC. My fellowship is calle the Iyyun Fellowship ('iyyun' means deep learning in Hebrew); it's a brand new position focusing on Jewish learning. Working with rabbis at the Joseph Myerhoff Learning Center, I will come up with creative ways to make the Jewish textual heritage accessible and meaningful for college students.

William Paul Gross: Economics
I am going to be working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in New York next year in their Business Recovery sector.

Jim Haley: Chemistry and MT in Education
I will be teaching chemistry at the American School in Switzerland next year.

Jonathon Handy:Astronomy-Physics and Mathematics
I will be attending graduate school for mathematics at UCLA.

Barbara Heritage: English
I will be completing my M.A. in English literature next year at the University of Virginia.

Stephanie Maria Hsu: Economics and Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I will be joining the private equity group of Bain consulting company in New York City.

Ann Hynick: Commerce School
Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, plan on atttending B-school in two years.

Katie Jameson: French
I have decided to go to Cornell University Law School next year!

Gary Jusko: Biochemistry and Biology
I will be pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at the University of California, Irvine.

Dinesh Kalwani: Commerce School
Starting this fall, I will begin work as a business analyst at McKinsey & Company's New Jersey

Mark Karns: Commerce School
Will work for Robertson Stephens Investment Banking in Atlanta, GA

Laila Kassis: Foreign Affairs and Economics
Working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Bear Stearns in New York City.

Paula Katz: Religious Studies and Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I am calling the Federal Trade Commission's Antitrust Division momentarily to accept their offer for a spot in the Bureau of Competition's honors paralegal program. so it looks like I'll be in D.C. next year--it should be a really good opportunity to do some hands-on legal stuff, which will certainly be useful when I make decisions about law school!

Sarah Kraus: Music
I will be attending the Manhattan School of Music in fall 2001 to pursue a Masters degree in vocal performance.

Adam Kron: Biology
I've been accepted to med school for next year, but my tentative plans are to defer for a year to do some volunteer work with AmeriCorps or a similar organization.

Stephanie Lape: Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I'll be teaching high school science for Teach for America in New Mexico.

Letty Lau: Psychology and Economics
I will be in Northern Virginia working for Capital One as a project manager.

Elienne Lawson: Art History
Studying contemporary French Art at the Courtauld Institute in London.

Noel Mijean Lee: Biology and Echols Interdisciplinary Major
Going to medical school next year (UVA as of now!)

Latrina Lemon: Biology
I will be attending the Medical College of Virginia in the Fall.

Paul Luo Li: Mathematics
Graduate School in Software Engineering (Computer Science) at Carnegie Mellon University

Megan MacDonald: Economics and French
I will be working in New York as an investment banking analyst at Salomon Smith Barney.

Jennifer Marshall: Studies in Women and Gender
In August I'm moving to New York City, where I intend to work at Planned Parenthood Federation headquarters.

Christian Martin-Gill: Biochemistry and Psychology
I will be attending the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Nicole Maurantonio: History and Economics
Come the fall I will be beginning the Ph.D. program in history at the University of Pennsylvania, studying media/political history.

Brian McLaughlin: Philosophy
Next year I will be serving with Jesuit Volunteer Corp (JVC) in San Francisco's Mission District. My position will be Project Outreach Legal Assistant for La Raza Centro Legal, a legal center which provides services to low-income Latinos in San Francisco and San Mateo County. I will primarily be working in the Housing Law area. The year after that I will be headed back to school, to study the law! I have been accepted and deferred here at UVA, but am also waiting to hear from Northwestern's wait-list, so I'm still not quite sure which school I will be attending.

Andrew Monahan: Foreign Affairs
I will be researching nonproliferation issues in Japan on a Fulbright Fellowship.

Liam Mooney: Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I'll be in an M.F.A. program at CalArts for the next couple of years, making some music.

David Mrazik: Government and Foreign Affairs
Next year, I will be attending Harvard Law School.

Kate Murphy: History
I am going to Johns Hopkins to get a PhD in Early American History.

Adam Namejko: Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I took this later semester off to start a company, Topik Solutions, Inc., located at 7 Elliewood Ave. Currently we are developing back-end email aggregation software for use in a corporate setting. The intent is to decrease information overload in an organization while providing a Knowledge Management solution and increasing employee productivity. I plan on continuing to develop our software over the next few months and then continue to remain in Charlottesville helping to further advance the company.

Olga Nejikovsky: Foreign Affairs
I will be attending Harvard Law School in the fall. My concentration will be in the area of international trade law.

Victoria Nelson: Philosophy and Cognitive Science
I'm goin' to California.

Catalina Ocampo: Comparative Literature
I will be going to Brown University to pursue a Ph.D in Comparative Literature.

Jae Park: Music and Biology
I will be going to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Kiki Petrosino: English
Next year I will be teaching at The American School in Switzerland (TASIS), located in Lugano, Switzerland. I'll be teaching English literature and Italian.

Justin Pfeiffer: History and Economics
I will be in Washington next year and am deciding between positions.

Nicki Pfoutz: English
Next year I'll still be here, going to the Curry school to get my masters in English Education.

Adam Reese: Biochemistry and Biology
I have finally decided to attend medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons next year.

Jinsoo J. Ro: Music
Reading through the Where Are They Now and What Are They Doing? (A Closed Site), I am tempted to say I plan to do absolutely nothing. I won't be attending medical school or law school or graduate school. I'm not signing on with ICC or UBS or McKinsey or Tridos or FARA or the ECB. I will apply to nothing. I don't even "plan to apply" to anything. I won't be married. I will be living nowhere, and I will be accomplishing nothing. Except trying to be happy which, when you think about it, is everything. But of course none of this is true...except maybe the happy bit. I'll make some spending money this summer teaching SAT prep. And after? I'll take a break. Maybe go to Korea. That would be interesting. I'd like to live in Manhattan for a while. Paris would be nice, too (Grand Marnier, anyone?). As those old Nissan commercials used to say, "Life's a journey. Enjoy the ride."

Jenny Robinson: Biology and English
I am going to Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Elizabeth ("Lisa") Scavo: Classics and Philosophy
I'm heading to Columbia Law School next fall.

Michael Schwartz: Biology
I will be going to medical school at Mount Sinai in New York City.

Steven Shepard: Government and Foreign Affairs
I'll be in the Peace Corps next year, as a business advisor in Latin America. I don't know the country yet, but I'll write back when I do!

Thomas Sitzman: Biology
I am going to Duke University for an MD/PhD Program

Morgen Smith: Foreign Affairs and Spanish
I will be working as a counselor at a women's crisis shelter in Baltimore through the Bon Secours Volunteer Ministry, then will go back to school for a masters or law degree.

Allison Snider: Psychology
I will be an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company in Atlanta.

Eleanor Stables: English
I'm not looking for full-time work upon graduation. Before signing any contracts or leases, I want to take the opportunity to experience living abroad and working in different cities, especially Rome and Buenos Aires. I'm looking for short-term work either as a journalist or teaching English. I hope to have a journalism internship in the U.S. over the summer and will spend my first month abroad studying Italian in Perugia. I'll stay in Italy for several months and travel around Europe while there. I then hope to visit one of my aunts, a missionary, in Japan and may try and work as a journalist in Auckland, New Zealand, and/or Sydney, where I also have aunts. Then, I'll return to either the UK or the US to study for a Ph.D. in Theology.

Ann Marie Stanley: Biochemistry and Physics
I will be attending Johns Hopkins University for graduate school to get my Ph.D. in biophysics.

Jonathan Steinberg: Philosophy and English
Next year I'm living out in the country with some friends, landscaping during the day, working at the Boars Head a few nights a week.

Bert Steindorff: English and French
I will attend the University of Virginia School of Law next year.

Audra Teague: Slavic Language and Literature
Next year I'm going to be doing the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in DC. I'll be a youth advocate and resource coordinator for N St. Village, an organization that works with homeless and poor single mothers and their children.

Anastasia Thatcher: Economics
I have just accepted a job with AmeriChoice, a managed health care company. I will either work in Vienna, Va, Philadelphia, or New York.

Emily Thompson: Modern Studies and Art History
Next year I'll be going to graduate school for Architectural History, but I haven't decided where yet.

Heather Thompson: Economics
Next year, I will be living in New York and working for JP Morgan as an analyst in their Private Banking program.

Alex Toma: Foreign Affairs and Psychology
I will be starting graduate school in the Fall. I am enrolled at Georgetown's School for the Foreign Service, in a 2-year program to get a Masters in Foreign Affairs, hopefully I'll go into the Foreign Service directly after that, or perhaps international business.

Peter Villella: History and Spanish
I am going to be a Spanish teacher at an independent high school in Pasadena, CA, where I will teach my students the ways of Maoist guerrilla warfare and the present perfect tense.

Molly Voss: Echols Interdisciplinary Major
I'll be working in international development within Latin America for a few years (2?) as I decide what to study in grad school.

Sarah Carrington Walker: Echols Interdisciplinary Major
Working in DC for Arthur Andersen's Office of Governmental Services, then going to law school

Jean Zachariasiewicz: French and Echols Interdisciplinary Major
Peace Corps (I'm still waiting to hear...)