Types of Degrees


The College does not award second degrees. Students who earned a baccalaureate degree at U.Va. or at another institution are not eligible to receive a second undergraduate degree from the College.
All majors and minors must be completed prior to graduation; once you graduate you may not change your major or minor nor can you earn credit for a second major or minor.

Bachelor of Arts

Nearly all College departments offer a Bachelor of Arts degree. The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts are listed on the web sites of the individual academic programs.

Bachelor of Arts (with Honors)

The purpose of the baccalaureate degree with honors is to enable students of special ability and interest to pursue a independent study in their third and fourth years, done under the guidance of a faculty member and the supervision of the Committee on Special Programs. Honors students devote their time primarily to their chosen subjects, reading independently and participating in tutorials and seminars conducted by their departmental tutors.

Honors programs vary slightly from department to department, but candidates in all departments are evaluated finally by visiting examiners from other colleges and universities. Depending upon this evaluation, they may receive degrees with “honors”, “high honors” or “highest honors” as the only grades for two years of work. It is also possible they may be recommended for no degree, or for an ordinary Bachelor of Arts degree.

The most visible honors programs are those offered by the Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics and the Department of Philosophy.

Bachelor of Science

The requirements for the Bachelor of Science degrees are listed on the websites of each academic program:

Post-humous Degrees

Upon recommendation of the department of the student's major, the Faculty of Arts & Sciences may make a posthumous award of the unfinished degree. The student must have earned at least 90 credits and been registered at the University within twelve months of the time of death. Eligibility for posthumous degrees extends to students enrolled in B.A. and B.S. programs.